Das Studio im Haus der Kulturen der Welt wird zur Gast- und Ruhestätte „Zum Alpharaver“. Synthetische Abgesänge aus den Verwerfungen finsterer Kabelgänge werden in den nächtlichen Äther gepustet, wobei von übelstem Acid-Folk über schachbrettartig angelegten Klangschattengewächsen bis hin zur Techno-Einöde ...Read More

John F.M. - Alone- Alone- FXHE JFM2 Simonicino- The China Syndrom- International Smoke Signals- Mathematics 066 Mix Mup- After the job- Copa Jams- Hinge Finger 8675 Urban Tribe -Program 6- Urban Tribe - Mahogani 06 DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi- Main Bar Mix- ...Read More

Media Loca #43 Mo Loschelder presents recent releases of artists from her Media Loca roster, including Lucrecia Dalt, Barbara Morgenstern, Natalie Beridze, Gudrun Gut, G.E.S. and Rafael Anton Irrisari. Trackliste: Lucrecia Dalt : Blindholes / MONIKA WERKSTATT, monika90 Barbara Morgenstern : Grow / MONIKA ...Read More

This is Isabel coming to you from Radio Ragazza. Morgen ist Wahl in Deutschland. Morgen die Wahl. Heute die Flamme. CHEAP Flames. Born in Flames, a 16mm film from the early 1980s by Lizzie Borden. Nach der Wahl ist vor ...Read More

In todays show we will be featuring three wonderful and important conferences that recently took or still will take place in Berlin in the near future. These being: -'Empowerment ist... Realitäten und Perspektiven in der Sozialen Arbeit mit geflüchteten Menschen' ...Read More

playlist radio KOMODROM am 23. september 2017 01 gonzales – CM blues 02 don cherry – degi degi 03 doe mahi – gol bi goldoun 04 andrew weatherall – the last walk(vox low riding the horse version) 05 einstürzende neubauten – kein bestandteil sein 06 ...Read More

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (We!R) is an independent radioformat by Friends and Enemies. It was formed throughout the German Resistance. We aim to link regional social fights in an anticapitalist platform focusing on the selforganized fight of migrants worldwide, especially emphasizing ...Read More

This edition features unedited recordings from a recent workshop at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, in Finland. The workshop set out to bother the linear stories of deep-time, geology and anthropocenic discourse; to re-jig the history of the bones and stones with a vitalist writing ...Read More

"Everybody was going on about karma … But it occurred to me that karma is instant as well as it influences your past life or your future life … So the idea of instant karma was like the idea of ...Read More

with special guest Tanasgol Jacinta Nandi comes from Ilford, Essex and has lived in Berlin since 2000. She is a member of the legendary Surfpoeten as well as writing for different magazines and newspapers in Berlin - taz, Jungle World, Konkret ...Read More