The Emotional Logic Systems Radio Show with Mike Hentz : ecclectic mix as from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry Read More

Rory Solomon presents his CB radio project, live at WGXC's "Lodge" show at Riedlbauer's Resort in Round Top, New York Aug. 26, 2017. Solomon reviews citizens band radio history in the United States, and relates CB radio today to mesh ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #48 läßt Toby Dope die orientalisch meditativen Klänge sprechen. Gespielt wird Musik von Sheikh Hamza Shakkыr & Ensemble Al-Kindо, Djivan Gasparyan, Hussein Mohamed Aly, Bijan Chemirani und Azam Ali. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for ...Read More

ISIS & Right Sector Nazis & Freedoom Hülooğ Army : Capitalist idea of ” revolution ” Playlist : God, 2/5BZ, Ya Tosiba, Siekiera, Bernard Heidbreder, QELD, Hozan Serhat, Mastodon, Basement 5, Istari Lasterfahrer, Deformer, Breach, Ozan Emekçi, Noize Creator mad max wants war plan against ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 16.07.2017. BEAT IN STEREO reist nach Fernost und findet: die Steel-Gitarre! Indonesien ist seit fast hundert Jahren ganz verrückt nach hawaiianischer Musik, die Compilation „Irama Hawaiian ­ Vintage Hawaiian of Indonesia 1950s“ liefert dazu einige ganz entzückende Beispiele aus ...Read More

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Please mind the gap...with mari moriko This show presents some popular Vocaloid songs around at the moment, using translation as a tool for global synchronicity – after each song, a text-to-speech voice reads out a google-translated english version of the lyrics, ...Read More