SissiFM #93 :  Did we do our homework or what are we doing here?
Over the course of the last two months, we’ve been wondering how to approach the history of jazz.  Not only the history of jazz, but the contexts in which it is played, learned, heard and (re)shaped in todays world, or let’s say, todays world inside of northern Europe.  During the festival re-shaping jazz to come, an almost all- but not exclusivelywhite female line-up interprets pieces of old and mostly iconic figures of jazz taking place in ausland-berlin, one has to ask themselves:  who has the right to play jazz and in which contexts? SissiFM was, just the same, confronted with a similar question:  who has the right to play jazz and why is it taking place in such contexts? (re)shaping implies that something should be shaped again or turned into a different form.   How can we re-shape a genre to come without deleting some of the more important attributes of its social and political connotations?
the music you are hearing tonight has two points of entry:  both new and old editions to the following compositions played, heard and re-shaped in one way or another.  Andrea Parkins (piano, electronic accordion, objects and electronics) stands in dialogue with artist Albert Ayler and his compositions Bessl and Ghosts from 1964 and 1965.  Liz Kosack (piano synthesizer) and Lan Cao (piano) visited and reacted to the work and performance of Charlie Parker and Dizze Gillespie’s Bird & Diz album from 1951.  The trio, consisting of Els Vandeweyer (vibraphone) + Lina Allemano (trumpet) + Ute Wasserman (voice, objects) found their way to re-play and re-make 6 of the 12 compositions from Mary Lou Williams’s Zodiac Suite.

Sissi FM @ re-shaping Jazz to come plays recordings which are put into dialogue as part of the festival as well as recordings which are not, ponders about who re-shapes jazz and who doesn´t, follows and meanders on pathways of it´s own and visits some of the artists on their journey through jazz history up to the present.
The Re-shaping Jazz festival program you find at: http://ausland-berlin.de/reshaping-jazz-come-dialogues-recordings-musics-pa