You have never been in love/until you’ve seen the stars/reflect in the reservoirs.” We have been in love, with each other, with films and music, with Los Angeles and with that world of possibility we carved out a public sphere of hostile and humorless indifference. We still are. “I Don’t Care” the sign says. But it’s upside down. That means something, right? The image from a performance of The Boyfriend, the barbershop quartett that Mark Simon organized for Vaginal Davis’s 1920s club Bricktops in the early 2000s in Los Angeles might give the impression that David Pendleton doesn’t care. He does. CHEAP does too. In fact, CHEAP cares about David Pendleton, a star reflected in the reservoir. In our show tonight we mourn the loss of our dear friend to cancer on November 6, 2017. Known to the world of cinema mainly through his role as Programmer at the Harvard Film Archive and at the UCLA Film and Television Archive, David Pendleton also published a number of film theoretical and critical texts, including “My Mother, The Cinema,” a hilarious autobiographical fantasia on film spectatorship, and a PhD dissertation that generated a new unholy homoexoticist trinity: Murnau, Eisenstein and Pasolini. He was a public figure and he was our friend. He programmed films and he curated our cultural lives. Mourning David Pendleton on the radio means remembering someone specific to us, someone that many of our listeners don’t know. But it also means doing something that all of us have to do at different points in our lives. Why do it alone? Why not try it out live, on the radio, on CHEAP Funk? Joy, yes, but mourning too. Look for the reflections. Why do it alone? We asked David’s friends and ours to join us from around the world. We hear the specific and the general about David from Amy Bomse, David Gerstner, Peter Limbrick, Edward O’Neill, João Pedro Rodrigues, and Mark Simon. In times of mourning we need each other. We need others. We listen as well to William Butler Yeats, Morissey, Dalida, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Ennio Moricone, Alejandro Fernandez, “Beyond the Blue Horizon,” and Extra Fancy. We have been in love. We still are. CHEAP Mourning. For David Pendleton.