Playlist zirka abouut … Exceptionally Ray ventura : Madame la marquise Merzbow: music for bondage Paul snowden crossfadeentertainment Grönlandwale mit Seehundengesang und Belugas Deishovida : acid formique Yosuke Yamashita und Eberhard Weber: tight pants Blixa Bargeld: answering machine Robb music mix with Chinese Scratch Kazanka: Sportfest Padlt Noidlt: voice Frank Köllges Sha ...Read More

1. intro 2. Drama Queen 3. Slander/Backstabbing 4. Victim(self)blaming « In a time where so much is thought, said and done on behalf of women’s rights you would think that we, as women would support each other even more. But this is not always the case. I ...Read More

The equilibrium, respectively layers which have changed in the Golden Age and the increasingly escalating and booming 3rd warfare of shares of the bosses among themselves. In this new age, any persons who trip up both sides with their existence ...Read More

Vier Jahre nachdem Eblis Alvarez, Gitarrist u.a. bei Meridian Brothers und Los Piranas den Hörern von Beat in stereo seine Musik im Speziellen und die Musikszene von Bogotá im Allgemeinen erklärt hat, folgt nun ein Update: zwar ohne Eblis, aber ...Read More

Burt Bacharach - Pacific Coast Highway The Mamas & Papas - Step Out Beach Boys - Add some music to your day Free Design - there is a song of peace and we have found it Kenny Rankin - up on the roof Catherine Howe ...Read More

Chronopolis präsentiert Generative Musik und Klangkunst. Mit Stücken von Alexandra Cárdenas, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Emanuele Porcinai & Deniz Le Vent, Max Eilbacher, Lukas Nowok. "Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. It is not dying. Lay down all thoughts, ...Read More

Topic of the program: African Refugees fight back Sierra Leone United Association in Germany demands deportation stops and abolition of the Dublin System: “Freedom of movement for all!” More Info: Wiederholung von Sendung am 29.7.2017 Read More

Da helfen nur noch Zitate von Friedrich Nietzsche und gute Musik, mag so mancher in diesen Tagen denken! Das sagte sich auch Moderator Guido Plonski Wiederholung von Sendung am 15.11.2015 Read More