luftung-einsLüftung is the current nGbK outreach project, initiated by reboot`s long time radio presenter and producer Anna Bromley.

Based on the questions raised by the nGbK project groups and by expanding upon them with neighbouring communities Lüftung seeks to literally “air” the voices, questions and commentaries of both the project groups and the visitors. It fictively further develops the project themes, raise questions and make comments together with visitors and also persons who have never visited the nGbK yet.

This first edition revolves around the current nGbK-exhibition “Left Performance Histories” - the heterogenious histories which draw from left ideas, and that have been left (out) for perception. Lüftung Eins was conceived, recorded, and montaged by Jasmina Al-Quaisi, Petra Beck, Anna Bromley, Basma Elmady, Christine Eßling, Yayla Höpf, Lena Knäpper, Lena Schubert, Cindy Wegner, and Seoyoung Won.