medialoca3Because of the number of recent and upcoming releases Media Loca #47 presents a maximum of music and a minimum of information.
Artists are Lucrecia Dalt (with her latest release on Jan Jelinek’s label Faitiche „Winkel Pong“), FELIX KUBIN / Takt der Arbeit („Takt der Arbeit“ on EditionsMego / 2017, Nov 18th), Frank Bretschneider („Lunik“ on Shitkatapult / 2018, Feb 16th), Electric Indigo (whose first full-length album „511593“ will come out on Imbalance Computer Music / 2018, March 16th) and finally Rafael Anton Irisarri („Midnight Colours“ on Geographic North / 2018, Feb 27th)
Hosted by Mo Loschelder.