Diana Arce & Tina Lee Present!

Get an update on what’s happening with the right wing worldwide, learn how to be a better ally to marginalized people and what to do if you mess up. Featuring Diana Arce and Tina Lee from Artists Without a Cause and Wählen Gegen Rechts.
Wählen Gegen Rechts: Stand der Dinge For those looking for more info on the issues we talked about on Stand Der Dinge, here’s a list of links:
  • Interior Minister Horst Seehofer transparently courting the far right by telling Bild that “Islam does not belong to Germany” : in German, in English

  • Italy elections: what’s next? The Guardian on what lessons about populism can be gleaned from the election results.
  • Denmark: Are they really designating migrant-rich areas as “ghettos” and doubling criminal penalties there? Yep, here’s more from BBC, The Local Denmark. Note that they also want to make it easier to deny housing to people based on past criminal convictions, and allow reduced privacy and enhanced data sharing of information about people living in these areas.
  • USA: The mother and daughter who sought asylum in the US and were subsequently separated for no apparent reason other than intentional cruelty have been reunited. But it appears this practice is more widespread and the ACLU’s case will continue.
  • The new Secretary of State has frightening links to some of the most hateful members of the anti-Muslim far right (if John Bolton comes into the administration to replace the National Security Advisor, as some are rumoring, it would be a power-team of anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists at the US helm, frightening prospect.)
  • And yes, Rex Tillerson was on the can when he got canned. Let that be a lesson to anyone who wants to serve under this president: you won’t have a shred of dignity left once he’s through with you. And history won’t remember you kindly either.

Comic about what to do when witnessing islamophobic harassment by Marie-Shirine Yener (under the pseudonym Maeril) mentioned on the show (forgot the artist’s name!).
Grace Jones - Nightclubbing - Nightclubbing, 1981
Tina Turner & Chuck Berry - Rock n Roll Music - Live at the Roxy, 1982
Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y. - Black Reign, 1993
Yemi Alade - Johnny - 2013
Solange - Don’t Touch My Hair - A Seat at The Table, 2016