luftung-eins11Conceived, recorded and montaged by a group of radio-affine nGbK-visitors, the broadcast explores the ambiguous notion, and theme of the nGbK-exhibition “Left Performance Histories”.
It compiles artifacts and archival material from performances in Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania and the GDR between 1970 and 1989. Encountering its visual material and accompanying conference, the broadcast interweaves and montages the auditory side and texts of the exhibition with the questions and commentaries of the group. How can our perspectives relate to the articulations of left critique in this setting? What has been left for us to perceive? In what way did these performances come to an end, as they get recovered in a process of “archival archeology” which might be a montage in itself?

By and with Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Petra Beck, Anna Bromley, Basma Elmahdy, Christine Eßling, Yayla Höpfl, Lena Knäpper, Lena Schubert, Cindy Wegner, and Seoyoung Won.