CHEAP discusses with special guest, dancer Beatrice Cordua (aka Trixie Schönherr). Cordua is currently touring with The Wanderers Piece by Nicole Seiler, which reflects on her career as dancer and her interactions with such people as John Neumeier, Pina Bausch, Merce Cunningham, and Stephen Dwoskin. Our talk touches on CHEAP issues such as nakedness and piss and and CHEAP artists, like Ludwig Schönherr, Carmelo Bene, Frank Castorf, and Vegard Vinge. Music includes Gavin Bryars (soundtrack to Stephen Dwoskin’s 1969 film Trixie), Leontyne Price, John Cage, and Martin Denny. Speical tunes by The Nymphs, with lead singer Inger Lorre who was also a super model. (Her band members lived at the Karnak Apt building in the 1980s where CHEAPs Vaginal Davis lived along with Davis’s Afro Sister Pop That Cherry Jefferson and lots of other punk bands at that time.) Also featured: a song from San Francisco’s Cypher in the Snow featuring opera diva Julianna Snapper. (All the girls in this band were the femme lovers of the butch Tribe 8 members. Both Tribe 8 and CITS played Vaginal Davis’s 1990s Los Angeles Club Club Sucker at The Garage).