Ecclectic mix as from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry. Wiederholung vom 06.11.2016. Read More

Another attempt by the Dr Klangendum crew to put a finger on (or between) the buttons of Fiction and Sound (yes both with capital capitals). You might not believe us but we really were contacted by Aliens WHO MEAN ...Read More

No Hologram Simulation 2071 No Exoticgenesis Islahat #MirrorWorldNetCarbonBlackFlixAlteredWest * Bahoz Çiya - Batman * Gunshot - World War 3 * Rheinmetall Reis - iosmanen germoney * Şivan Perwer - İhanet 2018 * Karaman - Yuvarlandım * Sasun Armanian "Akunq" - Hayro, Done * Serhado - Şoreşa Rojava * ...Read More

Burt Bacharach - Pacific Coast Highway The Mamas & Papas - Step Out Beach Boys - Add some music to your day Free Design - there is a song of peace and we have found it Kenny Rankin - up on the roof Catherine Howe ...Read More

Ziese is a monthly missive which presents minimalistic music in unseen contexts and alternative forms. Ziese exists in the seams between (non-)club electronics and soaring futuristic arrangements. Playlist: nils & junis: Muslimgauze - Tanger Blanc Return Henning Christiansen - Symphony Natura Op. 170 Julius - ...Read More

Kotti on Air. Berlin-Detroit. Der Kotti-Shop ist auf Reisen gegangen. Das HAU Hebbel am Ufer hat uns eingeladen, als Teil des Festivals Berlin – Detroit: „One Circle” zwei Wochen Detroit zu besuchen. Wir waren zu Gast in der Residenz FILTER ...Read More