2/5BZ played new set “Destroy Hipsthors” @ Unfuck The System / Praxis Floor, Kili/Void 19.5.2018 Berlin - organized 90s free rave party scene “Spiral Tribe” on 6 floors .Praxis floors at this party with special guests Ingler, 2/5BZ & DJ Ripley aswell as the residents and crew Base Force One, Zombieflesheater & Cri, providing challenging music from different angles of the spectrum of bass music, concrete
breakcore and experimental Hardcore.
* https://www.facebook.com/events/552896445090342/permalink/572801216433198/
2/5BZ ” Destroy Hipsthors ” 19.5.2018
New global power complexes demand new multi-sensory ways of seeing power and sensing one’s own position in it: new sets of sensory politics.Following the concept of “altered states”—a geopolitics spectralized by sensory overload and dispossession and by the relocation of power in the post-democratic or post-digital era—the performance GEZILLA DESTROYS EXOGENESIS 2071 & HOLOGRAM DOCTRINE ” will reconsider what
is (or was) referred to as Ultra Hipsthor States . It will also engage the DNA Security Plan 2071 , Isisstanbul, and Anxt Hase Cooperations , and feature modern isolation tanks as part of the new inventory of “hardcore turbo modernism.”