35160573_1234468886712298_7491862194879987712_oPost-Internet Mythologies feat. Tianzhuo Chen

Post-Internet Mythologies is the fourth exhibition chapter presented by the curatorial duo Karma Ltd. Extended which took over Acud Galerie in Berlin Mitte for a seven exhibition-chapters through 2018. Post-Internet Mythologies was a 3 days exhibition featuring Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen and in collaboration with Torstraßen Festival. During this week-end, Tianzhuo presented a serie of video installation and a 10 hours immersive performance, with two of his performers Beio Le and Han Yu as well as Felix Tødtloff, who played live alternating ambient music with metal riffs.
Tianzhuo Chen is without any doubt a child of the internet. He associates freely between the browser tabs of his brain, using the online material as clay that allows him to sculpt zeitgeist deities and relics. His puzzling and immersive installations and surroundings are questioning belief systems in the Post-Internet Era, mingling Buddhist cosmology and the visual language of cooperate identities with the ectasia of a dope club night at Berghain. What are the belief systems, rituals and myths of kids born and bathed in the worldwide web? How can we overcome the contemporary Just Do It Mantra and the assumption of Apple Stores being the new temples of the 21st century? Entering Tianzhuo Chen’s sprawling temples seems like discovering the Aladdin’s Cave of diverted symbolism.
Karma Ltd. Extended is a curatorial collaboration between Pauline Doutreluingne and Petra Poelzl that refers to the connections and effects of the digital transformation on the political, social, ecological and economic living conditions of the present. It puts the human imagination centerfold by focusing on artistic narratives about future possibilities of coexistence. In their research, the curators search for artistic trajectories and visions that broaden our senses for unexpected fantasies. They focus on the acting subject and design a wide variety of counter-perspectives and alternatives. Karma Ltd. Extended is political, poetic, performative, intersectional-feminist, experimental and much more.
Karma Ltd. Extended is funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

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Aïsha Devi - Mazdâ
Mr. Mitch - VPN ft. Palmistry (Mechatok Remix)
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