How the Concert Party Came About as Told by David Dontoh

lautstrom61In the summer of 2015 Jana Sotzko and Anna Bromley met actor and playwright David Dontoh in Accra. As David Dontoh happened to be the president of the Ghanaian Concert Party Union he told us how this became to be a popular performance style interweaving Anansi folk tales with early Jazz styles and elaborate forms of Stand-up comedy. Tune in, and listen to how the sung stories of the 1920`s evolved to the orchestral story-telling of Bob Cole and others, and then to the National Drama Studio, how it distinguished from Highlife and took the form of “Afternoon Jumps” and the celluloid transformation within “The Road to Accra”.
(Includes the track: “Edwen de ere ye me” by Bob Cole, from his album: Highlife Akwantu”.) Presented by Anna Bromley.