Ziese is a monthly missive which presents minimalistic music in unseen contexts and alternative forms. Ziese exists in the seams between (non-)club electronics and soaring futuristic arrangements. SC festnacht: https://soundcloud.com/festnacht SC neoprimitive: https://soundcloud.com/NEOPRIMITIVE contact: [email protected] Playlist nils & junis: Muslimgauze - Tanger Blanc Return Henning Christiansen - Symphony Natura Op. ...Read More

An abridged version of a program, produced by Meira Asher for Radiokunst-Kunstradio ORF Vienna, in the frame of the Nebenan – Erkundungen in Europas Nachbarschaft: Israel Serie. kunstradio.at/2018A/04_02_18en.html 1. North Jordan Valley 2018 (by Meira Asher) There is a project by the Israeli ...Read More

“Hier bin ich nur eine Nummer” Zu Gast im Studio Damla Yıldırım, Historikerin und Filmemacherin aus Istanbul und seit drei Monaten Asylberwerberin in Deutschland. Sie spricht über die Situation von Frauen und Intelektuellen in der heutigen Türkei und über ihre Erfahrungen ...Read More

This episode highlights a series of recordings and created audio inspired by a silver case encountered at an observatory or field station en route from Kilpisjärvi in Finland to Tromsø in Norway. The interior machinery of the box, its inside ...Read More

"Everybody was going on about karma … But it occurred to me that karma is instant as well as it influences your past life or your future life … So the idea of instant karma was like the idea ...Read More

Alone Together: Women and their Children #wirkriegendiekitakrise Jacinta Nandi and her feminist friend Tina Lee are in the studio, talking about childcare, housework and the distribution of labour. Wiederholung vom 29.4.2018 Read More

Joining us in the studio tonight is our special guest, Berlin-based producer and performer Perpetual Ash (Ashley M. Puente). We talk to her about her background in art, photography and music, and her work with modular synthesis. Catch some of ...Read More