Usualy there is no setlist

So we started with some technicaltalk

Then we had a radioplay with the wonder of lourdes

Bernadette and bells from russia ,azuria, umma umma spacewise,

wonderfull julie driscoll followed by baby jail, cant fail and stevie eicher with first version of camparisoda, onophon voice duo baustelle and classic anagramms by anton bruhin

dürrenmatt talking about sokrates, mondog tribute, deishovida, some songs of donkey monkey, matthieu and olaf rupp a bit distorted because recordneedle was crap winnie replaced it Niki tramba beautifull music from crete, glen branca symphony 1 RIP,

guitars du diable some hungarian jazzensemble

sicilian religios songs, no darling newest cd, medical english

the mules polly, horses in mongolia mixed with penderetzky, rosy rosy and

fort he finish time forward from sviridov…. and some more stuff mixed in.