lucky_jeong_wolfLUCKY PART II - “Fünfmal Frau Kim, auf der Suche nach Heimat”

SissiFM visits the current NGbK residents COVEN BERLIN and gains insight into their approach to the exhibition LUCKY alongside the LUCKY YOU performance festival and events program. “Everything in life is luck, or so we’ve heard. […] But what if you can’t even get a seat at the Casino table?” Tonight’s broadcast features an extensive excerpt of the performance “Fünfmal Frau Kim, auf der Suche nach Heimat” from Ok-Hee Jeong - a performative and linguistic investigation following different generations of immigration from South Korea to Germany.  A performance “critical of the ‘luck’ of passing as native to one’s country.” This evenings broadcast is accompanied by music from Elza Soares, Lucky Dragons, Ikue Mori, Tèsfa Maryam Kidané and Nina Hagen.

Tonight’s broadcast takes place in german.

photo on behalf of the NGbK website and Coven Berlin.

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