Mieko Suzuki is a DJ, sound artist and music curator based in Berlin. She was trained in classical piano in Japan from an early age on, and in her later teens shifted interest to electronic music. Her awardwinning sets and live performances are grounded in deep hauling bass and create a constant tension between the delicate, the raw and the daring. By mixing analogue and digital sounds via the use of effector pedals and often more than the usual two record players or CDJs, Mieko Suzuki creates unique sonic environments that range from club oriented techno sets to experimental approaches heavily relying on field recordings and feedback loops.
Here she also gives an insight in her recent collaborations with choreographer Meg Stuart and with improv artists Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz.

Mieko Suzuki - bali_wedding01 - Field Recordings - 2017
Mieko Suzuki - drone30 - 2017
Neumann Ercklentz Suzuki - improvisation - 2018
Synth Sisters - a.u.b.e. - 17853 - 2016
Phew - Echo - Mesh.Key - 2017