Episode 63 of Substrat Radio showcases a recording from 17 local/ worldwide soundartists to activate the Mycelial Network Society Patulin installation at Taipei Biennale. This installment ends with a short ambient recording - lone mushroom radio in a room. With many thanks to Shu Lea Cheang, Taro, Franz Xaver and Tsung-Yun Lai. The performers as follows:
王福瑞、王淳俐、佘晉元、洪梓倪、徐嘉駿、陳孝齊、張欣、黃瑋瑋、鄭道元、賴士超、賴宗昀、蕭育禮、戴向諶、Betty Apple、Meuko! Meuko! 、Martin Howse、YiZi