It is the 4th concert within "songs we bought your mother" at Ausland in Berlin. Here we meet Shanti Suki Osman and learn about Usha Uthup a Pop- and Jazz Singer from India who won the Padmar Shri ...Read More

Tune into the 60th edition of LAUTSTROM! Anna Bromley invited art critic and writer An Paenhuysen who has a specific sensitivity for flash stories. As 60 minutes do not really make a short format, the broadcast will present a cut-up ...Read More

Your current location is temporarily unavailable" heißt eine Arbeit von der Künstlerin Kirstin Burckhardt. Mit ihr ...Read More

Noch mal Lulu und Örbi!! Read More

10 Jahre Make Capitalism History Radio Wir feiern uns selbst mit 90min Musik gegen das Bestehende. Wie bei uns von Beginn an üblich gibt es emanzipatorischen deutscher Rap mit Lena Stoehrfaktor, PTK, Disarstar, WTG, Tapete und Pöbel MC. Read More

Cactus goes to s'cool: Lektion 1: Türkische Musik Mit Sehnaz, Ugur und Neset. THE CACTUS’ INTERVIEWS - is a Radio-show from Françoise Cactus. In every show, she invites one guest. She and the guest play their favorite songs and talk about ...Read More