LEO KUPPER - Electro-poème (Various, An Anthology Of Noise and Electronic Music, vol. 5 - Sub Rosa, 2007)
VITTORE BARONI - Side X  (Degenerazione Musicale - Pocket Calculator Poems - Vox Pop, 1989)
ELI KESZLER - Streaming Down. Streaming Down (from Last Signs of Speed - Empty Editions, 2016)
STEN HANSON - Am Strengsten Verboten (from The Sonospher Retrospective, 2010)
SUNSHINE HAS BLOWN - Governor’s House Brisbane 25th No (from Sunshine has Blown, 2006)
PHOSPHOR -  P8 (from Phosphor II, 2009)
ANNEA LOCKWOOD - World Rhythms (from New Music For Electronic And Recorded Media - Arch Records 1977)
LUC FERRARI - Dernier Matin D’Edgar Allan Poe (from Complete Music for Films 1960-1984 - Early Electronics Series, 2017)
TO ROCOCO ROT - Berlin98 version (Walter Ruttmann Weekend Remix - Intermedium Records, 1998)
HILDEGARD WESTERKAMP - Cricket voice (from Transformations, Empreintes Digitales, 1996)
REANIMATION ORCHESTRA - Reanimation construction for eleven instruments (self release on Bandcamp, 2018)