It is Songs we taught your mother #4 @ausland in Berlin. The last and final evening of the series at ausland with the wonderful guests Nonku Phiri in a musical dialogue with Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland is a great artist, writing different kinds of music, singing and acting as well. In Super Queeroes on the website of cba-arts Stephen Jackman-Torkoff a resident poet of the queer songbook orchestra says about Beverly Glenn-Copeland: “I feel like he’s the Queero we all need because he reminds us that we can do something. And we have a lot of compassion in our generation and if we activate that we can make a lot of change.Thank you Glenn for all the music you’ve created, all the space that you’ve created for people. Thank you for never stopping making music. I’m glad it’s been a long road with this. And thank you for being one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know.”

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