Coming at you through the deep, dark winter: Rona Geffen, Kritzkom and Aschka present Female Frequencies on reboot.fm and Chimeres radio, bringing you all the best electronic music by women, transgender and non-binary producers. Tonight we take another tour around the world and talk about cultural influences and connections. With tracks by Debit, AK SPORTS, bergsonist, Leila Samir, Hiro Kone, Nightwave, Ôneyra and Lara Sarkissian.


Debit - Encounters
AK SPORTS - Trust Us

bergsonist - Political Paternalism

Leila Samir - Anxiety

Hiro Kone - Feed My Ancestors

Nightwave - Acid Mouse

Ôneyra - Blood Orange

Lara Sarkissian - Gnum + the Wave’s recountal (Siete Catorce Hybrid Remix