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Program Notes (not in show order!):

- Super-good new things: we have an amazing new co-host, Miriam Aced, who will be adding in her unique take on current events and often presenting a section about upcoming elections from the website she and Tina work on,

- Also, we have a Patreon! You can support our show and get exclusive updates for any amount of monthly support. Check it out and help us bring you the anti-fascist goods:

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International Roundup

- This week was Holocaust Memorial Day but as usual, Roma & Sinti got left out

- Sweden has been separating children from their parents for reasons that look pretty shaky (and potentially racist), check out the investigation from SIRAJ

- Separating people from family and especially name is an old + cruel colonialist trick

- India’s BJP wants a backdoor into WhatsApp, US DOJ wants a backdoor into Apple iphone, but will they get them?

-Whatsapp CEO leaves and donates to $50 million to Signal - time to download Signal, guys. And check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

- Glen Greenwald stands accused of cybercrimes in Brazil, echoing the treatment of Assange and underlining why we need to defend whistleblowers and the journalists who work with them

- The very shady US Ambassador Richard ‘Ric’ Grenell was allegedly buddying up to Lev Parnas and a Ukrainian oligarch to help Trump, because the Trump admin is seemingly just an international crime syndicate

Germany Roundup

- The country bans Combat 18 - Awesome, but why did it take so long?

- In Neukölln the local government focuses solely on migrant related crime but doesn’t seem very interested in catching violent nazis:

-Berliner Police and Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) watch as known Neo-Nazis plan attack on local Lefitst politician and anti-racist activist (German)

-Security agency catches known Neonazis having private meeting with agent of the Berliner Office of Criminal Investigation and neither the police nor the Berliner Prosecutor’s Office do anything about it. (German)

-While Right-Wing Crime in Neukölln continues, Neukölln’s district mayor focuses on so-called clan crime, a racist way to refer to supposed crime committed by Arabs (German)

-Neukölln’s district mayor takes part in embarrassing, badly done and racist documentary about clan crime in Neukölln (German)


Make it Better (feat. Smokey Robinson) - Anderson .Paak

All for Us - Labrinth, Zendaya

Tempo (feat. Missy Elliot) - Lizzo

I THINK - Tyler, The Creator

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