CHEAP Funk welcomes back our beloved friend, the glorious dancer Beatrice Cordua, to our show for an hour of discussion, laughing, whiskey and listening pleasure. Trixie, as she is better known, is currently touring with the (also glorious) Florentina Holzinger in Tanz, a stunning performance with a bad ass group of bad girl performers who produce aesthetically complex images, challenging moments of bodily intensity and female intimacy and erotically overstimulating stunts of astounding virtuosity. Trixie is the inspiring force at the center of it all. It’s only logical that the discussion during CHEAP Trixie Trixie takes on Hitler, penises, vaginas, John Neumeier and anti-ballerinas. Valeska Gert, Parliament, Wojciech Królikowski, Big Joanie, Gavin Bryars, Nelly, The Barry Sisters and Amanda Palmer move us forward.