Radio Ironie Orchester – Funkensprung
This Show is presented by Adina Camhy and Teonas Borsetto, two members of the orchestra.

An On-the-air- and online radio concert played by Radio Ironie Orchester took place on April 3rd 2020 as part of the festival Klangmanifeste under the topic „Funkensprung“.

Radio Ironie Orchester is a radio-phile orchestra structure that has been existing since 2019 and combines acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic music with the medium radio. Klangmanifeste is an audio show on the borderline between visual arts and contemporary music.
This year’s Klangmanifeste edition should have taken place in Vienna and Graz in Austria. Due to corona crisis and the current situation regarding physical distancing Klangmanifeste was looking for alternative digital venues on a short notice.
In this extraordinary situation different familiar aswell as new channels and alternative forms of virtual interacting were employed and established. The musicians [hier alle Namen einfügen] played via the free software video conferencing tool Jitsy. The concert was broadcasted live on the radio stations Radio Helsinki in Graz and Radio Orange in Vienna and was streamed live on the recently created website - a virtual concert hall in progress.
Before we will now listen to an excerpt of the concert by Radio Ironie Orchester we will get a short introduction, which was part of the live stream on the day of the broadcast: Stefan Voglsinger, one of the curators of Klangmanifeste, was in charge of the moderation in the virtual concert hall:

The musicians of the Radio Ironie Orchester playing live were:
Cosima Flora Betty Hubner (professional listener and part of the orchestra) * Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka * Adina Camhy * Georg Wissa * Teonas Borsetto * Antonia Sophia * Nicole Sabella * Lale Rodgarkia-Dara
*Guests* Stephanie Castonguay (CAN) * Marcin Morga* Arik Kofranek (Vienna)

Technical Support:
Stefan Voglsinger, Philip Leitner, Christine Schörkhuber, Jogi Hofmüller, Reni Hofmüller

Moderation on Radio Helsinki and Radio Orange:
Reni Hofmüller

Moderation in the virtual concert hall echoraeume:
Stefan Voglsinger

Klangmanifeste 2002 is curated by Christine Schörkhuber, Stefan Voglsinger, Ulla Rauter und Veronika Mayer

open music Graz, esc medien kunst labor, echoraum, Setzkasten Wien, Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz), Radio Orange 94.0 und Radio Helsinki.