Post-Pop Meta-Vision Proto-Algorithmic Pseudo-Songs by IGOR ŠTROMAJER – (2020) “It all starts with the sound of the modem connecting… There are seven songs, proto-algorithmic pseudo-songs. The music is all computer generated, lyrics are sung by a computer – and this is of course also ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #65 unterhalten sich  Volkan T error und Toby Dope über die Zeit und den persönlichen Erfahrungen in der Quarantäne. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! Read More

Listen to the people of Al Khalil, also known as Hebron. It is the end of April 2020 and we are still visited by the Corona virus. In occupied Khalil, curfews and lockdowns are imposed on the non settler population ...Read More

Replay vom 08.03.20 _ Internationaler Frauentag special Edition _ Domingo / Sonntag / Sunday _ 08.03.2020 _ March 8th, 2020 21 - 22Uhr (Berlin) / - 17h - 18h (horário no Brasil) 20h - 21h (em Portugal) on Dial: 88.4 Mhz (Berlin) and 90.7 Mhz (Potsdam) live ...Read More

Replay vom 05.04.20 In dieser Sendung ist ein ehemaliger Kreuzberger, Dichter Halil zu Gast. Während des Interviews geht es um die Erinnerungen und um den Wandel Kreuzbergs, dessen Einfluss auf seine Bewohner und die Seele eines Künstlers, der in diesem Kontext ...Read More

In this months edition of MGIE we have some local news about our dear leader duck comrades alleged health issues cleared up by a special guest. The quarantine does wonders for the stonk market and Bella Hadid gets mentioned at ...Read More