Do not expand your musical borders. Abolish them completely.

A total departure from drum-centric dance music, this 3 hour sound collage is pure listening. Densely layered, painstakingly detailed, yet immersed in silence and emptiness, representing the quiet, beautiful, and deep end of Collective Improvisation, Modern Composition, Free-Jazz, Musique Concrete, Spectralism, Microsound, Just Intonation, and Drone.

Potentially functioning in similar ways as ambient, but this is not ambient, because it rewards not only passive, background listening, but also active, focused listening. The aim is 3 hours the listener will likely never get tired of, in one lifetime.

Dialectical sound: improvisation is the thesis, composition is the anti-thesis, and this mix is the synthesis.

Featuring the Marxist composer/improviser Cornelius Cardew, the group he founded AMM, the music of affiliates, and much, much more.


Xavier Garcia - 6 regards sul L
Boca Raton - Tables 1
Anne Lockwood - water gong
Steve Roden - Truth Is The Bell (Saarbrucken)
kevin drumm • taku sugimoto DEN 1
Kenneth Kirtchener - february 19, 2004
Steve Roden - Bell Is The Truth (Berlin)
Unknown - Amann
Kenneth Kirtchener - february 19, 2004
David Toop -01 - Falling Light
sugimoto, taku (1965)04. spoon river i
William Mathews - Field Guide
John Tilbury & Eddie Prevost - D
Anthony Braxton - Dedicated to Ann and Peter Allen
Steve Roden - fruit pants
jacob_kirkegaard — swimming_pool
Marc Favre - Le beau corps d’ether
Cornelius Cardew - treatise CD 2 AudioTrack 02
RLW - Kleine blaue Hybriden
Filipe Pires - Litania
Kenneth Kirtchener - august 18, 2001
David Toop - DecompositionDecay
Gerard Grisey – Tempus ex machina pour six percussionistes
Sainkho - Tovarishi
Bill Dixon - Places And Things
Michael Pisaro - pi (920-994)
Gerard Grisey – Anubis-Nout - II. Nout
Alvin Lucier - Horn (James De Corsey)
john butcher - Soft Logic
RLW - ikk - purpur - scharlachrot
Thomas Koner - Tu, Sempre
AMM - Meantime
AMM - Conduit
John Wall - Rumble-Hard-Abrupt
Polwechsel - Not Forgetting the Forgetting
Gerard Grisey – Anubis [tres precis]
Bernard Parmegiani - Étude Élastique
RLW - Restless Occlusion
Xu Cheng - My Livingspace 4
RLW - In Acht
Kenneth Kirtchener - october 13, 2001
Kaija Saariaho - Poèmes de Saint John Perse - I. The bird, most ardent for life
Kenneth Kirtchener – september 2, 2003
Sainkho - Cschai-Su
Kaffe Matthews, Andrea Neumann, Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura - March 16, 2002
IRR. APP - A Body Rendered Disjecta Membra Through The Application Of Dust Pincher Appliances
Sainkho - Tovarishi
Bernard Parmegiani - Étude Élastique
Eiko Ishibashi - Ichida Part 1
IRR. APP - track 9
Kaija Saariaho - Les vieux naturalistes français
Gerard Grisey – Partiels pour 18 musiciens
James Tenney – Form 3 (In Memoriam Stefan Wolpe)