Hallucinated by Rex Joswig for Kismet Radio ::
Dedicated to the memory of Andrew Weatherall (1963-2020) ::
Featuring „Poems Along the River“ by Nada Al Khawwam ::
With the original voices of Diamanda Galas, Paul Celan & WS Burroughs ::
Produced & Spoken by Rex Joswig at Temporary Dub Station, Berlin, 11/05/20 ::
Playlist ::
RJGP Null Jingle 1
Pole – Huckepack
Audio Active – Kick the Bong Around (Adrian Sherwood Dub Mix)
Azelia Banks – Heavy Metal & Reflective
Pole – Umbrella (Version)
Pole – Streit
Pole – Raum 2 Variation (Burnt Friedman)
Deadbeat/Fenin – Romeo Kalimba
Deadbeat – Alamut
Pole – Tanzen
All poems taken from:
Poems Along the River / Gedichte entlang des Flusses
By Nada Al Khawwam
Publisher: Berliner Künstlerprogramm DAAD, 2020
„Stop joking,
oh strife
for our homelands have
died of laughter“ (NAK)
Slow Down Your Circulation & Join the Show, folks!