Colleagues from Goethe-Institut discuss the program of the day: Asma Diakité (Johannesburg), Cara Snyman (Johannesburg), and Daniel Stoevesandt (Windhoek). Kolleg*innen des Goethe-Instituts besprechen das Programm des Tages: Asma Diakité (Johannesburg), Cara Snyman (Johannesburg) und Daniel Stoevesandt (Windhuk). Read More

Listen to the latest vibes from Nairobi! Die neuesten Hits und Trends aus Nairobi! Read More

So-called bedroom producers produce their music in Kenya's capital in small studios at home or with friends - in poor and rich districts. In doing so, they turn common power structures in the local and global music market upside down ...Read More

Interview with / mit Jochen Becker Das Recherche- und Kunstprojekt „Chinafrika. under construction“ von metroZones e.V. hat sich auf eine Spurensuche nach den kulturellen Beziehungen zwischen China und Afrika begeben. Zusammen mit zahlreichen Partnern in Lagos, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Leipzig, Weimar ...Read More

composed and produced by / komponiert und produziert von Daniel Kötter and Marcin Lenarczyk Gold & Coal is a Indonesian-German collaboration that examines how mining influences geography, economy and the reallocation of people. In connecting the contexts of the world largest ...Read More

An evening conversation between Silvia Federici and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui. The two feminist thinkers and activists elaborate on issues of extraction, and on what Rivera Cusicanqui calls the “political economy of knowledge”, the strategical appropriation of discourses elaborated by Global ...Read More

Panel discussion moderated by / Paneldiskussion moderiert von Molemo Moiloa The project The hands that feed you, presented by the creative tandem thirdspace, consisting of João Roxo and Russel Hlongwane, thematises the trade in second hand clothing and highlights how ...Read More

Commission / Auftragsproduktion The story of „Moriro and ‚the giant sea monster‘ Maangharmuch“ is a symbol of repair and hope; of putting things right in the face of a much more powerful adversary and that too, by the spirit of a ...Read More

Commission / Auftragsproduktion The focus of this program is on Nordic colonialism in Fennoscandia/Sápmi and its expansion in the South, and resistance, in the past, present and future. In particular, it will deal with this in the context of the extractive ...Read More

Interview with / mit Malcom Ferdinand Malcom Ferdinand is a researcher from the Caribbean whose primary focus is at the crossroad of political philosophy, postcolonial theory and political ecology. He focuses on the Black Atlantic and particularly the Caribbean and ...Read More