A riot is the language of the unheard (Marthin Luther King Jr.) Black lives never mattered. The United States seem to be on the brink of a second Civil War. And again it is the about the Afro-American population, that was ...Read More

Poet Eric 1key from Kigali brings his own unique presence to the festival, commenting on events with musical interventions and spoken-word interjections, reciting poetry from his repertoire and performing music. Eric 1key holds daily Zoom sessions in which he appears ...Read More

Joseph Kamaru ("KMRU": field & sound artist, Nairobi) and Sven Kacirek (percussionist, Hamburg) examine sound objects with the participants of the listening session and ask if an aesthetic dominance can be heard, which part plays the "authentic" and how is ...Read More

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Ekene Okobi speaks with Dagmar Schultz about her work with Audre Lorde, the documentary film “Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992”, and current efforts initiated by local Green Party members to rename a street for the African-American ...Read More

Journal Rappé is Xuman (b. 1974) and Keyti (b. 1972), two prominent Sengalese rappers who created Journal Télévisé Rappé (JTR). Launched in April 2013, Journal Rappé is a ‘rapped’ news programme that became extremely famous in Senegal, in neighbouring countries, ...Read More

Shawna Shandiin Sunrise is a Diné (Navajo) & Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) weaver, filmmaker, photographer, multi-media installation artist, performance art, actress, producer, director, radio DJ and community organizer. Listen to Sunrise’s woven stories of being raised a 5th generation Diné weaver ...Read More

Amauta Mixtapes is a four-part experimental acoustic reportage focused on epistemologies in resistance and sistered struggles. Assembled by Nomad Agency/Archive of Emergent Studies, a research studio and transdisciplinary platform that intersects advanced resilient practices, promotes studying ...Read More

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Love Stews is the third episode of the commissioned series in 4 acts by artist Yemisi Aribisala, ‘Wait, I’m bringing a bird out of my pocket’. The series title refers to a Yoruba proverb, used to address listeners that are ...Read More