YIKILASI CORONACOIN 2071” LIVE @ 4.3.2020 ISTANBUL (2020-07-19)

ZELCORE live dj vj mix “YIKILASI CoronaCoin 2071” @ 04.03.2020
Istanbul DAM! https://vimeo.com/419108743 * Synchronizers‎ - After Party! https://bit.ly/3czMNIp mixed for Synchronizers‎: Home Alone
14.5.2020 stream
https://www.facebook.com/synchronizersz/videos/652172581996660/? **
https://bit.ly/3cxy8xe.  * Gültan Kışanak : Everyone is aware of what happened there. Is this how blinded your conscience has become? Is this your definition of humanity? …How do you manage to be so reckless and careless about the massacre of 35 people? How do you manage to be so inhumane? First, you are going to stand up and apologize; get upset. That is if you’re a human being as you claim to be. If you have a conscience! But you are not doing any of these things and instead acting as if a fly or a couple of chickens died by an ‘accidental operation.’ Shame on you! …For 90 years, this country has been using the terrorism excuse and committing many massacres….

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