Radio Armed Response : Claudia Wegener

(2008) 11:08

Claudia Wegener (alias, Radio Continental Drift) walks the streets of two suburban communities in Johannesburg S.A. In door to door interviews, through intercom systems and across gates, she asks questions related to public safety and a privatised security system. In surprisingly intimate, often humorous conversations, narratives of a complex urban patchwork of communities unfold before your very eyes. What unravels, far beyond issues of security, or social and urban divisions are shared concerns, questions, stories and visions of and about people living together.

Metadata and Credits: The version of Radio Armed Response going on-air in this show is as such unpublished; though included in the mix of the Long Walk radio play (2009). A shorter edit of the piece was published on the CD magazine VIBRÖ in 2008. Original recordings in Sandton and Soweto in March 2006 were realised with the friendly assistance of Stephen Hobbs; a first edit of a half-hour piece was assisted by Ismail Farouk; both Joburg artists. A one-hour live radio version was broadcast on Resonance FM in April 2007 and is archived online.

radio continental drift, a “broad casting house in the bag of a listener” was founded by sound- and radio artist Claudia Wegener in the streets of Johannesburg in 2005. Radio community projects took place in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, UK and Germany. Field-recordings are shared under creative commons license with the invitation to global listeners to explore and use the archived audio.


Parole Paysage : Anne-Laure Pigache & Isa Stragliati

(2018) 30’55

A live radiophonic performance, a drift in the language

Parole Paysage is a monthly radio show hosted by Anne-Laure Pigache. Between 15 and 30 minutes to explore the very specific format of radio live where the invisible public is fantasized. And where the radio breaks into every nook and cranny of the intimate territories of the listener. A space where the word is sound, the sound becomes a word, the interstice of language at the limit of the signifier, a dive into the

phonemes of the language. A wandering in the corporeality of speech. For this show she invited Isa Stragliati for a voice/vinyls duo.

Live broadcast June 18 2018 on Radio Campus Grenoble

Anne-Laure Pigache Vocalist and improviser living in Grenoble

Working in the field of sound poetry, at the crossroads of theater and experimental music, she is particularly interested in the state of improvisation and the quality of presence that this state gives to performers. As a vocalist, she is regularly invited for concerts of improvised music and radio creations. Since 2010, she has been exploring the musicality of language in particular. She is interested in everyday speech to bring out music and poetics.


Isa Stragliati is a sound & radio artist, composer and DJ. Her productions and live performances, involving field recording, documentary, radio drama, electroacoustic music or techno, have been broadcast on national radios and international networks, programmed in international festivals and events and in art centres.


Shape of Things by La Claud

(2020) 6:24

Shape of Things is part of “About VEGA” - a new 10-track album by Neapolitan producer LA CLAUD. Imbued with cinematic and trip-hop atmosphere, this work inspires a soulful and LoFi feeling and its narrative style draws upon downtempo and jazz-hop.

La Claud is a Neapolitan musician and producer whose tracks range from creative techno to downtempo, from chill-hop to organic electronic music. She has published works with international electronic music labels and has performed in electronic music festivals, currently works on other artistic projects, both in theatrical and visual electroacoustic contexts.


Ascending Node : Victoria Keddie

(2020) 11:09

The composition, Ascending Node, derives from the orbiting of space debris as it is tracked in real-time using Keddie’s custom built software. Data of proximity, distance, and attitude variance are rendered into sound through analog synthesizers, signal generators, sampler, voice, and more. Modulation of electromagnetic energies, vocal arrangement, distortion, feedback, time latency, and interference contribute to each composition as intentional elements. This is music of both an intimate and planetary exchange. The work is part of her forthcoming LP, Apsides, out October 2nd with Chaiken Records (www.chaikenrecords.com)

Victoria Keddie is an artist working in varying media and transmission. As both a visual and sound artist, Keddie has performed and exhibited internationally. Her work is distributed through Lightcone (Paris/FR) and The Filmmakers Co-op (NYC/US). Sound works have been released with Counter Audition (Cambridge/US), In Context Music (Toronto/CA), and Chaikin Records (NYC/US).