Sunday 16.08.2020 17:00–19:00
(Berlin/ Kigali/ Cairo/ Ljublijana/ Johannesburg/ Kaliningrad/ Harare/ Khartoum/ Tripoli time)
ON 88.4 FM in Berlin and 90.7 FM in Potsdam, as well as online on our website, and Facebook account.

17:00 Cœur d’amour Couleur de passion | With Misá (émission en français – show in French)

18:00 LIMITS OF PERCEPTION LAB, With Taita Juan Martín Jamioy Juajibioy and Kelly Krugman (emission in Spanish and English, Edited by Kamila Metwaly) in collaboration with Israel Lopez, Elena Agudio and Ivana Franke

This Sunday, SAVVYZΛΛR invites you for the third week to visit Misá in French, and for the first time yet, in Spanish for the second session, we travel with Taita Juan, a traditional healer from the Amazonias of Colombia. Misá’s third iteration inscribes itself within the loving practice. To dialogue with love. Because everything is love. To give birth to faith, a faith that is doubted many times. Misá invites us to listen to the journey of a young singer of Kongo origin: Monie Kongo. Accompanied by her music, Monie Kongo left Belgium where she grew up, to meet her country of origin. After some time, she decided to travel across the continent, finding herself in Senegal, to come across the Bay Falls.

In the second show at 18:00, we revisit Limits of Perception Lab and transmit a conversation held in Spanish with Taita Juan Martín Jamioy Juajibioy within the frameworks of the project Limits of Perception Lab, Your Country of Two Dimensions is Not Spacious Enough, alongside the Limits Lab team. Taita Juan shares his knowledge and experiences traversing non-ordinary states of consciousness in his shamanic practices, in particular as energized by the ancestral medicine of the yage, also known as ayahuasca. We accompany him as he imparts processes of exploring hallucinatory and non-visible realms, conversing with the team on multidimensionality, ritual, altered states, trance, time, dreams, relationships to reality and healing, and more.