Panda Porn

The Dolphin Order (2015)
The Double Mind Inferno (Cannot Escape The Past (2014)

Panda Porn, Tomer Rosenthal and Alma Ben Yosef Timmy (b.1987) are a pair of artists who were born and raised in the hard core of the alternative scene in Jerusalem. Their first album (Hibernating, 2003), marks the beginning of their joint creative path. Since then, they are mainly recording, DJing and presenting psychedelic collages, surrealistic montages and many other weird Plunderphonic combinations. Through layered work and meticulous editing, Panda Porn produces new and unique ready-made works; Sometimes in a minimalist line with an emphasis on nuances of sound and sometimes in an experimental and stormy pile.

The Dolphin Order
The first part features the voice of John Cunningham Lily, who has dedicated his life to opening channels of communication with dolphins and aliens.
Lily was, among other things, a member of the Dolphin Order who explored the possibilities of using radio techniques to locate evidence for intelligent life outside the solar system. Lily in his various ventures has developed methods for tracking patterns in the human brain and switching between states of consciousness.

In the second part, Panda Porn bring in another work of theirs The Double Mind Inferno (Cannot Escape The Past), which emerges from Lily’s messages to a parallel universe.

Set list:
John Oswald - Dab (Plunderphonics)
Miles Davis - Assassinat
Pan Sonic - Ulottuvuus
Nurse With Wound - Swan Song
John C. Lilly - Lilly’s Voice
Douglas Quin - At The Sea Ice Edge
Coil - Wrim Wram Wrum
Kevin Drumm - Organ
Column One - Re-worked Transmission (part 1)
John Lilly - Interview
Roger S. Payne - Solo Whale
Agnus MacLise - November 1965
Nurse With Wound - Space Music
Dave Philips - In Politics Nothing Is A Matter Of Honour
Robert Ashley - Your Money My Life Goodbye
Dave Philips - Tide On Its Way Out
Column One - Don’t Move Your Iron Feet In Time
Monte Cazzaza - Kill Yur Self
Psychic TV - Kondole
Mika Vainio - Huone 11
Lars-Gunnar Bodin - En Face
Paul Lanaky - Her Reflection
Joji Yuasa - 6
Wolf Eyes - Ancient Delay + Black Vomit
Laurie Spiegel - Three Sonic Spaces II
The Caretakers - We Cannot Escape The Past
Throbbing Gristle - Still Walking
Nurse With Wound - Rat Tapes 5
Andrew Liles - Rattle Snake Boots With Crocodile Epaulets
Ghédalia Tazartès - Transports 7
Coil - Here To Here (Double Headed Secret)
Hafler Trio - A Series of Living Presences
Jim Morrisson - Bird Of Prey
Coil - Theme From Blue II
Terence McKenna - Lecture