015.11.2020 16:00
In her second session of FOSSILISED FREQUENCIES, Urban Feral tunes into the airwaves of the land that has lived in the longest of lockdowns: Iraq. The resilience of the Iraqi female has stood the test of time. A new archetypal woman of survival and persistence in changing landscapes has been formed. Her sound becomes her armour. With Urban Feral, we scan the frequencies scattered across the land and hear her call.

WITH Afọpẹ́fólúwa Òjó, Monaí de Paula Antunes and Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock
15.11.2020 17:00

In Sunday’s new SAVVYZAAR format „Processing Archives“, Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock talks with Afọpẹ́fólúwa Òjó and Monaí de Paula Antunes about their current artistic residencies in this crazy year. They are both participating in the Lagos-Berlin residency programme – a collaboration between ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik
, Galerie Wedding - Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst
, Goethe-Institut Lagos
, and 16/16

Afọpẹ́fólúwa Òjó has been based in Berlin these past months, while Monaí has had a virtual residence in Lagos. We will talk with them about their ways of coping or not with the tensions of this year, about their strategies for artistic practices.

Monaí will share with us the opportunities and obstacles of an e-residency and her process of archiving sounds from Lagos while being in Berlin. She will talk about radio as an experimental form of archiving, and the assets of sound in building knowledge and imagination. Afọpẹ́fólúwa introduces us to the website she is currently working on, creating a reading economy for African poetry outside of the structures and hierarchy of publishing and curation that inherently influence reading behaviours. Using a database of poems scraped from the internet and creating a database from an open call, the project will use a mailing list to randomly send out one poem a week to subscribers.

During the end of the month, both artists will install a window exhibition at SAVVY Contemporary, connecting through radio and poetry with those who pause and watch and breathe and listen.

PHOTO of our new radio studio in action by BOnAbElLfIlMs