Plastique De Rêve: Artist unknown: Title unknown (intro) Oppenheimer Analysis: Radiance Tim Blake: Nature “L” Zaar!: Notorious Disco Alex Aguayo: The Future (White Magik Full On remix) Unconscious: Carnivora Tribantura: Getting Hurt Or Killed Spatial Awareness: Disinformation Front 242: Commando Mix (remastered) Stabbed: Theme From Chicago Wood Allen feat. Hard Noise: ...Read More

M u t z e n t r a t i o n -> now begins Mutze wühlt sich gewohnt spielend durch diverse Ausrichtungen und Zeitdekaden cleverer elektronischer Musik und entdeckt dabei aktuelles, vergessenes, übergangenes und abwegiges. Dies ist die November Ausgabe seiner ...Read More

Amplify Berlin is a residency program designed to support emerging Berlin-based musicians through mentorships with more established ones in order to facilitate creative development through guidance, a focused work environment and access to resources. Each monthly radio show is hosted ...Read More

„Melancholy can be overcome only by melancholy,“ sagt Robert Burton in seinem Buch „The Anatomy of Melancholy“ von 1621. Die Jahrhunderte machen keinen Unterschied – jede tierische und vernunftbegabte Kreatur sei melancholisch, meint Burton. Deshalb suhlt sich Themepark diesen Monat ...Read More

Do Nazis gravitate to the police or does the police make people into Nazis? We don’t know, but we have to talk about it AGAIN this episode. This month we are talking about Greece’s right wing party, Golden Dawn, and ...Read More

In this last show of the year, I have invited a friend of mine; Jessica Korp to chat about what it means to grow up in a society that is traumatized from the outset and it seems to repeat what ...Read More

PLAYLIST 28.11.2020 Anna Thema Masha Qrella - Geister Single "Geister" Vö 24.11.2020 Staatsakt/Bertus/Zebralution Album „Woanders“ Vö 19.2.2021 Staatsakt/Bertus/Zebralution L Twills - L​.​A. [Automatic Subject pt​.​2] (Nomi Elektra Remix) Album "[Freedom/Fiction] REMIXES" Vö 6.11.2020 TAM - Spielen, Sterben, Tanzt! Album "HIM/HER (Neither I,You, Me, Nor ...Read More