HOERMASCHINE91 will rediscover the chorale of our inner voices where some of us aren't sure if it is just a dictation through the narratives of the past. Read More

Un projet radiophonique documentaire et musical. La composition musicale a été entièrement créée à partir de sons domestiques collectés chez les habitants du quartier qui ont ouvert leur porte pour nous faire partager leur son de prédilection, ...Read More

This episode returns to the roots of Substrat in concrete examinations of material and economic phenomena, in this case a certain form of mining. Read More

John Hartford - little piece in D Bert Jansch - life depends on love Tom Rush - Sunshine Sunshine Jackson C. Frank - Blues run the game Killigrew - nothing is impossible David Stoughton - the sun comes up each day Tim Buckley - Wings Frank Sinatra ...Read More

“Famous people are just more interesting.” Manifestiert sich in der Figur des Groupies die unbedingte Liebe zur Musik in letzter Konsequenz? Oder handelt es sich um Frauen ohne Selbstachtung, mit der Hoffnung, der Glanz der Berühmten möge ein wenig auf sie ...Read More

Inspired by her book of the same title, I interviewed Sarah Schulman, New York based author and university professor, about the history of gentrification in New York, from the 1970s to today. Sarah shares her personal account of how gentrification ...Read More

16:00 - 17:00 Re-run of THE MAYAN CITY OF PALENQUE with Luis Perez Ixoneztli Indigenous civilizations in the Americas were ravaged by European invasions and so was their sacred vehicle to communicate with the divine: music. Still, remnants are ...Read More