Marseilles DJ, producer with Alliance Ordinaire, and member of queer collective Discordance, Almevan hosts a special YMA house and techno show featuring a vinyl set by Detroit DJ and producer Sean Tate aka The Butcher, host at The Bassment before C-19, and featured on RWYS, Mahogani, and Rush Hour labels. More mixes via https://soundcloud.com/almevanhttps://soundcloud.com/the-butcher-from-dfc-313

Ani – Love Is The Message
Coflo – Easy *
Thomas Detune – Maple Drive *
Delano Smith – Music Is Life (Mike Huckaby remix, RIP) *
Jace Syntax – Holographic World *
Tyler Dancer – Karman Line *
Labels featured in Sean Tate’s mix *: Soiree Records-Detroit, Don’t Be Afraid, FXHE-Detroit
The Advent – High Horses
Frankie Castle & DJ Ford Foster – Bounce That (Jerome Hill remix)
TV Out – XTC
Hidden Empire – Bengal
Jerome Hill – It’s Time For The