Female Frequencies #69

Kritzkom presents a collage tonight with some of her favourite tracks by female artists, her own field recordings and a few clips from her new album ‘Fuzziness’ which was released last January on the New York label Jollies Records.


Marine Drouan - Coque
Midori Hirano - Remembrance
Kritzkom - Vibrations
Poly Chain - How Deep Is the Black Sea
Analog Tara - Pulse and Light
Perila - d u ts
Kritzkom - Untitled
Kritzkom - N95
FOQL & Fischerle - Nanotube Dub
Avalon Emerson - One More Fluorescent Rush
Bergsonist - JALOUX
Myako - Hysope
Fauna - 13
Marine Drouan - Pont
D. Tiffany - A3
Stellar OM Source - Live
Bergsonist - STOP
Jessica Ekomane - Common Fate
Kritzkom - Rebird
Borusiade - Welcome Them
Marine Drouan – Mât