16:00 - 17:00 Letter From A Guarani Woman In Search of the Land Without Evil

This Sunday, we travel through our archives. We invite you and your ears to read the LETTER FROM A GUARANI WOMAN IN SEARCH OF THE LAND WITHOUT EVIL. This was the title of Patrícia Ferreira Pará Yxapy’s solo exhibition at SAVVY during last year’s Berlinale. For the exhibition’s public programme, Claudia Huaiquimilla, Edna Bonhomme, Patrícia Ferreira Pará Yxapy, and Fanny Huc’s voices were convening on indigenous storytelling, filmmaking, resistance, and healing.

„I don’t understand those who despise me, ignore me.
Those who care about nothing, steal my culture, my land in the name of progress.
These are things I don’t understand. 
I’m an indigenous woman and I know how I feel, what hurts me.“

–– Patrícia Ferreira Pará Yxapy

17:00 - 18:00


The second session, the second corner of Four Corners of the Same Black Stone, reflects upon processes of self-denial engrained within the relations across various African countries today.

Tito Valery walks us through the complexities found within postcolonial realities, problematizing the ways in which subjectivity and cultural collectivity of the Black African self continue to be suppressed, persisting as a means of assimilating with imposed influences by the West and its colonial repercussions. Valery speaks about the rights to remain African: finding language, expression, and self-reflectivity to understand notions of race and the influences of time, the importance of liberation, and of unlearning. The corner moves by routes of poetry, music by Salif Keita, Mory Kanté, and Manu Dibango, and reasonings by Achille Mbembe, alongside South African politician and activist Julius Malema. Power relations found today on African soil as a result of colonial violence are considered, traced, and urged to be transformed.

THE CORNERS are four angles to Valery’s thoughts on blackness, conceiving of the uniqueness and ruggedness of its perceptions, in its variety of evolutions. Each corner is carved based on thoughts that flow into another making a four-angled reflection on those placed as “The Other” and the Oppressed.

IMAGE Jeguatá [Travel Notebook] (Installation of four videos (10’), 7 pictures, objects) by Patricia Ferreira Pará Yxapy, Ariel Ortega, Ana Carvalho and Fernando Ancil.