Radiom-Radiôme, the network of radio artists from the Greater Region located in between France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, formed in Autumn 2020 and started off with two improvised radio concerts in Saarbrücken (Germany) and Luxembourg in Spring 2021, as well ...Read More

In this episode host Nina Kettiger dives into the politics of desire surrounding the topic of erotic cannibalism Tracklist: Libera Me- The American Boychoir Claudia’s Allegro- Elliot Goldenthal Goodbye Horses- Q Lazzarus Read More

Tracklisting: 1. Roy Redmond - Good Day Sunshine 2. Raffaella Carrà - Ci vediamo domani 3. LIBERATO - E te veng' a piglià 4. THALA - Something In The Water (feat. Bearcubs) 5. Alp Baku - Nimrods letzter Sommer 6. Bananarama - Cruel Summer ('89 ...Read More

The Secret Institute EP01: Cosmic Darkness, the Beginning of Everything With Nkisi The Secret Institute led by Nkisi is a research platform that focuses on investigating ancient sonic traditions, sonic experimentation and the mysteries of the subtle power of vibration and intentional ...Read More