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* Balothizer - Kissamos Waves
* Sefiqe - Tamburvan - Edlaye
* 12ος ΠΙΘΗΚΟΣ - Αξιοπρέπεια
* James Blood Ulmer - Black Rock
* A.Manvoukyan K.Malkhasyan - Sirerg
* Murderpact - Ape
* God is my Co Pilot - Kendine Gel
* Chaos Z - Harte Zeiten
* HEKATE - Καλοκαί
* Çıkıntı - Pixiede Gençliğimi Yok Ettim
* Ez Xelefim - Xelefim
* Ulcerium - Entihari
* Satan - Gangsta Cash
* Kino -Peremen
* The Ex Tom Cora - Dere Geliyor
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This centuries-old practice was also the practice of fermenting the system with fascism. 1915 Armenian Genocide, 1921 Kocgiri destruction and Pontos massacre, 1914-1923 pursuit and exchange of Greeks, 1925-1930 military operation against Kurds, 1934 Thracian Jews chase, 1938 Dersim Crimea, 1942 Wealth Tax The plundering of September 6-7, renaming thousands of villages and mountains-stones, the expulsion of Greeks from Istanbul in 1964, the seizure of Christian and Jewish foundation properties in the 1970s, the 1978 Maraş massacre, the destruction and purge of September 12, 1993 Sivas fire, 1990 ’ The evacuation of villages in the 1980s, the deportation of millions of Kurds and the unsolved murder of Hrant Dink in 2007, the bombing of Roboski in 2011, the destruction of Sur, Cizre, Nusaybin and Şırnak in 2015-2016. As it is understood, there is continuity in the execution of the political economy of Turkish nationalism. Economic politics, which was founded by Abdulhamid in the 1890s, by the Unionists in the 191910s and completed by the Kemalists in the 1920s, is still in effect today and is the basic principle of the entire execution of the government. This is political economy determined by Turkish nation and Sunni Islam in religion. Disregarding this and ignoring the role of Sunni Islamist politics in clearing Anatolia from Christians in 1914-1923, especially after September 12, Sunni Islamist movements / sects, which were presented as the political force ‘to liquidate tutelage’ or ‘to ensure democratization’ and we are witnesses how the polish of the parties is poured! In terms of freedom of religion and conscience, it was a fundamental mistake not to take into account the Christian, the Jew, the Alevi-Kızılbaş and the Sunnization.
There is a historical continuity and connection from Abdülhamit to the Unionists, immediately from the Kemalists to the AKP, from the Erzurum massacre, which was the first Armenian massacre of the new age in 1878, to Roboski, Cizre. - The practice of Turkish Population Engineering is the history of Abdulhamid going back to the 1890s, it was founded in the 1910s and has continued to be the same with its construction in the 1920s. In this sense, there has been no deviation from the Committee of Union and Progress to the AKP, there is a programmatic unity and continuity in action. * * * * The mob, which threatens with massacre and rape by saying, “we have lost the opportunity on the June 15th”, believes that the current government would give way to a pogrom similar to September 6th and 7th. ( Veli Saçılık )