It is allways difficult for me to make setlists because there is a lot of in betweens

which are mixed and overlayed and sometimes the prepared stuff is just changed, because i think it doesnt fit in the mood of the EMOTIONAL LOGIC SYSTEM

mood i have today but today you will have a chance to follow some of it like :

Nancy Sinatra „my darling shot me down“ / John Cooper Clarke 80ties

metronomicon audio radio norway 2 pieces / daniele sepe napoli/ jayne county 2 pieces / syrian grooverguy famous forgot his name / sumatra batakgroove - mix with boguslav schaefer from poland / liveguitar in the studio by Dario Chillemi / chinese comedy of the 60ties with scratched southlithuanian woman choir (the record is jumpin) mixed over it / metalbowlsringing / Flug 8 /canarybirds /„Dracula“ soundtrack by Woicek Kilar / childrensong german ?/ Pere UBU 3 pieces forgot the titles but from the 80ties

Dario Chillemi again live / Daniele Sepe the napolitanian genius ,/ „Sunday morning“ from velvet underground / this for this sunday evening

(REPLAY vom 05.04.2015)