Hosted by Häana and edited by Bennett Shaeffer at dublab Studios, featuring Zazuka and Graham talking about Orchestral Tools’ SINE player, and Chris Galvin presenting a new music production exchange platform Submix, plus some EXP__ music and more tracks by Zazuka.

For more info on mentors, software, and EXP__ check out: http://zazuka.comwww.orchestraltools.com, and

In and outro: Simonne Jones - The Silver Cord
Zazuka - Arkhis
Zazuka, Franziska Pohlmann - Final Wave
Zazuka, Maxi Menot - Phoenix and The Begonia
Zazuka, Maenad - We Were There Too
Roz Yuen - Insatiable Human
Malonda - Feuerfrau, Tiffadelic remix
Nbor vs. Dylan Wexier - Perpetual Destruction, Sarah Kivi mashup
Kesswa - Contemplate, Infinite Livez remix
Mentrix - 99 Names of God
Taj Bell, WaveLord -  Honeysuckle Currency, Krach der Roboter mashup
Häana + Bison Rouge - Seli
Zazuka - Yaish