Magritte Jaco of trio Plateau Repas, DJ, curator, and fine artist is back on Your Mom’s On The Radio for yet another end of the year set mixing pop, electronica and dance tracks, good vibes and high hopes for the next year. Happy eclectic listening and see you all in 2022! More mixes by Magritte on

Holidays For Reich - Chassol
Wednesday - Wildkatz  (BAE BAE’s Capitalist Realist remix)
Ends - Gold Reflux (Data Plan remix)
Ego Heart Ego - Sassy 009
0301 1100 1355 - Fabian Kalker
Some Things More Painful Than Others - Planningtorock
Speedboat - Evvol
Limites - Bonnie Banane
Half an Inch - Metronomy feat. Pinty
Last Two Lovers - Bonaparte (Acid Pauli Space Between mix)
Les Primevères des Fossés - Rouge Gorges
C’est la Mort - Stereo Total
サーカスへようこそ - YMCK
Tak - Kim Hiorthoy
Man of Aran - Mano Le Tough
Colors - Lasse Matthiessen
Hippolyte - Sir o Sir