Andrew Claristidge & Plastique De Rêve

Andrew Claristidge: Silver Horse (Stephen Hawking Tribute Soundtrack Edit) 
XOR Gate: Conic Sections
Soundwalk Collective: We Are Not Alone
Dopplereffekt: Scientist
The Mover: Stars Collapse
WPAC: Attack On Santa Fe (Luke Eargoggle Remix)
Future Is Now: Future Is Now
Soundwalk Collective: We Are Not Alone
Woob: 新 プログラム (New Program)
Woob: Fragment Analysis
Bass Kittens: Xenon 1
Jean Pierre Decerf: Cardiologie Moteur
Didier Marouani: Temps X
Pause: Abysse
/ DHS: Atomic Clock
Klanken: Twee
Death In Vegas: Medication (Fearless Nightcrawler Mix)
Industrial Bass Machine: Invisible Force
Droids: Tchoung Fou
System 01: Drugs Work
Pete Lazonby: Sacred Cycles (Gary 138 Mix)
MEO: Goodbye Earthlings
Penguin From Deep: The Kobol Colony