Radio Concrete is a monthly radio art show, broadcasted on Resonance Extra (England), Wave Farm/WGXC (NY) and Halas AM (ISR). It’s main focus is on sounds which people are exposed to on a daily basis in a spontaneous and unplanned manner; from the immediate surroundings, the street and the radio. Fresh raw materials including field recordings of everyday routine, samples from tv & radio, and contemporary music are collected on a regular basis and then edited and mixed together in real time.

Hagai Izenberg is a sound artist, composer and musician and a founder member of the electronic duo Rendezvous. His experimental work focuses on sounds we are exposed to, in the public and domestic spheres, often in passing or involuntary. Izenberg performs live sets and creates sound installations in Israel and in Europe. He is the curator and producer of ‘Radio Concrete’.

Episode #09 feat. Shaul Kohan

Shaul Kohan – Guitar, Objects, Cymbals

Hagai Izenberg – Field Recordings, Objects, Police Scanner

Episode #22 feat. Yiftah Kadan

Kadan is a guitarist, sound artist and composer who plays experimental music, jazz and free improvisation. Other sources used here include an amplified old clock, bees, a vinyl “Israel’s Quest for Peace” and samples from Greta Thunberg speeches.