OUT OF THE PHAROAH’S VAULT / AUS DER GRUFT DES PHARAOS Einen Sonntag im Monat präsentiert der Deutsch-Palästinensiche Musiker Ghazi Barakat, auch als Pharoah Chromium in der internationalen Klangwelt bekannt, zwei Stunden übersinnliches Radio. Mit Hilfe des Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen werden Schätze ...Read More

Formed in Autumn 2020 RADIOM(e) is a network of radio artists from the Greater Region which is comprised of Luxembourg and the surrounding regions of France, Belgium and Germany. Throughout 2021 the artists from the network sent each other audio ...Read More

Mit Songs von: Dick Van Dyke - Mary Poppins (1964) - I Love to Laugh Randy Newman - Laugh And Be Happy Dusty Springfield - Only Wanna Laugh Cypress Hill - Laugh Now Ft. Everlast AMV – Hahaha SissiFM - wir sagen nie die Wahrheit! Dein queerfeministisches ...Read More

This 92nd session showcases a performance from the wonderful Kaffe Matthews at Petersburg Art Space (PAS) in Berlin from the 7th of January 2022 - the first solo outing for the mysterious Ripley. This live recording is supplemented with raw ...Read More

Die Mittdreißigerin Maria Bukova ist genau ein Jahr jünger als das ehemalige Krasnojarsker Leninmuseum, das sie heute leitet. Anna Bromley trifft sie vor Ort, um über die Transformation des brutalistischen Baus zum heutigen „Museum Ploshchad Mira“ zu sprechen. Für die ...Read More

music made in Berlin, artists from the project Sonic Sound Space (SSS #4), electronic and experimental music 1 Claudius, Decreation 6_ album Decreation, 2021 2 Sofiìa Salvo, solo set at TATV, live @ ausland, Berlin, 2020 3 JD Zazie, Plattentektonik, 2019 4 Lady Gaby ...Read More

I speak to journalist and documentary filmmaker Ben Knight about his latest work ‘We’re All Going to Die.' The film looks at how to cope with being a citizen of a possibly doomed planet. Read More

Soulful dirty beats, raw rap, lo-fi hip hop, dark instrumentals, mixed with traditional folklore, field recordings, spoken word, hybrid electronica, the weird music we have today. No hype. Listen to the world around you. Tracklist: 1 Hamar Maryam Mursal 2 Takhatur Muqata’a 3 Juicebox ft. Charles Melvin CashVilla 4 Milky Stork Eets 5 Gold and ...Read More

Sounds from around; Mexican beats, Filipino lo-fi craziness (82 songs ! on a compilation), ex-Yugoslavian experimental, 90s Japanese experimental, upcoming Slovenian beats, some modern electronica, Canadian electronic, a rapper, and here we go! I want to tell you bout Rex Ilusivii, ...Read More