Eclectic mix as usual from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry. Read More

Produced following an invitation from the French radio network TT Node, this sound creation is an invitation to travel. Imagination is undoubtedly, and will always be, our means to cross the world and to dream about it differently. The author, Charles-Henri Despeignes ...Read More

.. No eXotik! no turistiK! radioshow since 2001 * -- 2/5BZ. * Remake Exotic Artificial intelligence" TOUR - Oct. Nov. 2021 " official information and official history exoticized throughout history and the relationship between artificial intelligence - - remake and re-document through sound ...Read More

In einem Künstlerinnengespräch mit Marianne Cornil und Luzie Ackers von der Theaterkompagnie TheatreFragile geht es um die Produktionen "ARE YOU READY?" und "Wie du in den Wald hineinrufst...", die sie 2021 in der Detmolder Innenstadt bzw. im Wald im Heidental ...Read More